Why Cash Flow Matters

​Money is the oil that keeps the engine of your business running smoothly. When the oil stops flowing, the engine seizes up. If you do not have the money to pay your bills, you will go out of business.

More than 70% of small businesses that fail, do so as a result of a lack of focus on cash management.
Reports from 2015 show that more than 40% of micro and small businesses had to wait more than 1 month for their money - 14% had to wait more than 2 months.
Positive cash flow can mean the difference between success and survival. It affects how your company can perform, as well as compete. in the market place. Negative and poor cash flow can stop a company expanding, limit investment opportunities and, potentially, lead to bankruptcy.
Lion Cash Flow can facilitate you in defining your cash flow processes and collaborate with you in their design and implementation.


As an entrepreneur you are dedicated to growing and running your business. 

Lion Cash Flow is dedicated to supporting you with expert cash flow management solutions.

You need to generate enough cash to increase your working capital, fund investments and service debts, but:-

  • Are your profits being affected by rising operating costs?

  • Are your customers paying on time?

  • Are suppliers offering less generous credit terms?

Managing cash flow is a constant process of recording, tracking, analysing and modifying the cash flows and budgets. This can be best achieved by the use of cash flow forecasts based on the budget and actual cash flows, giving clear indication as to the reality of the business and the divergence from the budget.

Lion Cash Flow offers bespoke cash flow management solutions and expertise to small and medium sized companies, leading to:


  • Increased efficiency in working capital

  • Improved overview of cash positions leading to reduced borrowings and interest expenses

  • Timely warning of cash deficits and surpluses allowing you to be react proactively

  • Enhanced awareness and understanding of your cash flow cycles

  • Recognition, during negotiations with banks and suppliers, that you comprehend the complexities of your business and its underlying cash flows

  • Improvements in strategic decision making

  • Increases in your available cash allowing you to take advantage of opportunities in the market

Helping you improve structure and enhance control of your working capital 
Advantages & Benefits of Lion Cash Flow
  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced Costs

  • Increased Liquidity

  • Daily Cash Position

  • Updated Rolling Forecasts

  • Bespoke Reports & Analysis

  • Debtor & Creditor Reconciliations

  • Optimal Cash Management

  • Interest Rate & Currency  Advice

  • Improvements & Recommendations

  • Better understanding of the cash drivers in your business

  • Identify Fraud

  • Scale down administrative work flows 

  • Timely settlement of bills

  • Recycle cash more quickly

  • Detailed cash forecasts for financing arrangements

  • Professional support while you concentrate on growing your business