Lion Cash Flow specialises in cash management for small and medium-sized companies. 

According to a study published on the website of the European Commission, small and medium-sized enterprises represent 99% of all businesses and account for 66% of total employment within the EU.

Small companies are swift and flexible, being able to change their strategies and plans far more quickly than large companies, bringing new products very quickly to the market. But their very size mean they do not have all the expertise they need in house. Employing expert staff is far too expensive, but would it not be advantageous to be able to use the services of an expert only when you needed them without employing them on a full time contract? 

Lion Cash Flow can provide you with proficient support and significant expertise for all your cash management issues.

Lion Cash Flow offers a range of modular services subject to a monthly service agreement. The 3 service levels are basic, enhanced and comprehensive. One off services can also be considered, together with interim services if so required.

It makes good business sense to utilise assets as and when you need them, rather than purchasing them outright. The same applies to external professional expertise.

Every solution is unique to the specific requirements of the individual client.

Lionel Pavey - Owner

I have more than 30 years' experience in cash management, treasury and international finance.

I have been employed by banks, money brokers, international retail companies and local Government organisations in the Netherlands and England.

I have successfully negotiated bank loans in excess of EUR 100 million, proactively reduced bank costs by 30 per cent and contributed to savings in working capital; all whilst raising the awareness of cash management practices within a company.

I am also a community manager and active contributor for a website that is an independent platform for people who are interested in treasury and cash management issues.