Cash flow templates are designed around your agreed data input and criteria.


Implemention only occurs after your approval.


This is a constant process - amendments are always possible.


Rolling forecasts give an in depth view into the cyclical nature of your cash flows.





All reports are tailor made to your individual requirements.
The level of detail in forecasts can include daily, weekly, monthly data together with constant rolling annual forecasts.


Additional metrics, if so desired, can be incorporated - such as Days Sales Outstanding and Days Purchases Outstanding (DSO and DPO)





Your bank transaction data are downloaded and incorporated into the cash flow forecast.


The data is enriched and validated to ensure that it is classified and assigned in a consistent manner with the original cash flow template.


Consideration is given to increasing the punctuality and accuracy of the cash flow forecast.





Discover where problems may be occuring within the cash flow cycle.


Determine the correct level of inventory your business needs.


See when your money is being spent and what it is spent on.


What terms and conditions from buyers and suppliers are causing problems.


Make corrections and undertake steps to sustain a viable business. 




Regular contact with both debtors and creditors.

Where discrepancies are found, they can be immediately identified and reconciled.

A confirmation process that ensures your invoices are received and verified, and that payment for the agreed amount will occur on the due date.



Guidance in managing, arranging and negotiating borrowings.


Better terms with suppliers and banks.


Currency issues.


Interest rate risks.


Improvements of working capital practices.